To provide first quality service to our client companies by giving them an opportunity to interview candidates whose qualifications most nearly match their needs. Our interest in the growth and well-being of each client is sincere and we welcome investigation of our reputation and credentials and will furnish references upon request.


To operate under a strict code of ethics and serve as an extension of the client company while utilizing our many resources to find the highest caliber candidates.


Our search begins for qualified candidates and, upon finding them, we do an in-depth interview, reference check and refer only the best candidates to our client companies. These referrals will include our consultant's personal comments about the candidate's qualifications, housing status and goals. We do not guarantee that every referral will be hired, but we do guarantee that each will be technically qualified.

When the need for our service is established we:
•Work closely with company management to determine the specific skills and personalities needed to meet company goals.
•Compile information about the company to be able to answer candidate's questions.
•Gather information about the community in which the company is located to be able to discuss services, schools, recreation options, etc....with candidates.